Qualitative research consultant
Focus Group moderator
In-depth interviewing
Sight and handing
Concept development & testing
Advertising development & testing
Product placement and analysis
Employee satisfaction & change management
Language development
Research with children and teens
Research with seniors
Qualitative research trainer

He is especially adept at creating a positive environment where respondents feel comfortable and at ease even when sharing sensitive information. Clients also appreciate his relaxed style as they work with him to design studies, interpret results, and make strategic decisions.

Background and Qualifications

Thor joined Lennox Research, Inc. in 1991 and then purchased the company in 2000. He has an MBA degree and nearly twenty years experience in market research consultation. Before joining Lennox Research, he was the project manager for The Dick Pope, Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies at The University of Central Florida. He also taught for the College of Business Administration and maintains his relationship with the University as a Guest Lecturer.