Designing the Right Study

Defining research objectives is critical to the completion of a successful study. Falk Research Associates can help you work through your information objectives and then design a study to achieve those objectives including:

  • a detailed proposal based on your needs and for your approval,
  • contracting research facilities both traditional and remote,
  • recruitment of research participants,
  • preparation of discussion guides based on your research objectives,
  • conducting the discussions and interviews,
  • debriefing with you and your research team upon conclusion of the research sessions,
  • preparation and submittal of written reports (topline or detailed) with key findings and conclusions.

Understanding the Results

The most detailed and exhaustive reports are of no value if the results and recommendations are unclear.  Our reports feature straightforward language and organization so that key findings and implications are clearly stated and easily understood.

QUALITATIVE REPORTING – topline or detailed. 

Topline reporting is very appropriate for fast paced timelines where decisions are made quickly or where concepts are being developed in real time as the sessions are being conducted.  Topline reports are typically bullet summaries of key findings and key implications.  They are prepared on the basis of moderator recall and are usually submitted within five business days of the last research session.  Complex studies, however, often require more review and a greater level of detail.  For those, we recommend detailed reporting.

Detailed reporting is prepared after the moderator reviews the research sessions (listening, viewing, or reading transcripts).  These reports typically include an Executive Summary of key findings and implications as well as a detailed narrative that includes key respondent literals.  This level of reporting is most appropriate for projects requiring more documentation, studies that will be followed by quantitative research, have complex objectives, or include a wide variety of respondent segments. Depending on the level of complexity, detailed reports are typically submitted within 2-4 weeks completing the research sessions.